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Suzhou Ningyuan Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. (snme), founded in 2008, is the general agent and service provider of viaB in China.

The acoustic products produced by viaB in the fields of vibration and vibration reduction, sound and noise reduction and emission control have always been the choice of customers around the world to improve the environment.

Suzhou Ningyuan (snme) focuses on introducing world-class vibration and noise reduction products and customized solutions for improving the environment, serving industries including offshore engineering, shipbuilding industry, aviation, electronics, national defense, vehicles, rail transit, construction, train and other industries. Our goal is to become the supplier for customers seeking solutions to noise and vibration problems.

Suzhou Ningyuan (snme) has many engineers with professional skills, knowledge and long-term working experience in different fields of noise and vibration control, which has laid a solid foundation for the completion of the project.

Suzhou Ningyuan (snme) has advanced products, rich experience and professional technology to ensure cost-effective noise reduction and anti vibration effect. We provide personalized products, consulting services and a full range of solutions. We improve the working environment for our customers and help them maintain a healthy and professional team.

Our products: heavy vibration damping platform, anti vibration support Metal shock absorber , spring damper rubber damper , rubber pad Wire rope damper With cable support, noisekiller damping glue Damping material Accessory products of engine and generator set : acoustic hood, exhaust suspension system, catalytic converter, exhaust purifier, expansion joint, etc

Relying on viaB group, we provide 24-hour after-sales service and technical support.

Service only has a starting point, satisfaction has no end!

The pursuit of high quality, to be the industry prophet is our goal!

Suzhou Ningyuan (snme) will always be your partner in the field of vibration control, noise reduction and emission control!

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Our products: Wire rope damper Spring damper Rubber shock absorber Shock absorber

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